Winter Weather Advisory: Flurries of Stripes, Hybrids, and Smallmouth

Posted: February 11, 2012 by Canonman in Ben Adrien, Fishing - Freshwater

February 11, 2012 – 25 degrees, 30mph winds, and snow flurries.

Headed out to Boone Lake looking for Stripes, Hybrids, and Brown Trout. I really wanted to catch a big Brown but went 0-2 on the Brownies with one jumping off behind the boat.

Came out of the boat ramp and saw Sea Gulls going nuts so head right to them. Get my three line spread set up with two planar boards and a free line. As I approached the birds I get a strike on the right board, fish on! Seconds later both the other lines get smashed! Three fish on!!!! I land two nice Hybrids and the other hung me up in the trees.

Decided to move and try and find some stripes or Brown Trout. With in minutes of putting out my spread at location number two I get smashed hybrid on! Fight him up to the boat and while taking a picture I hear by free line start screaming. Turn around grab the rod and set the hook. A nice Brown Trout launches from the water throwing the hook back at me.

I continue on working that area the rest of the morning picking up hybrids here and there and even missed another trout. Then as I let the boat drift in the wind I see my planar board jerk under water. Fish on! This one is fighting much harder and I could tell it was a stripe. Get him to the boat and take a quick picture before letting him go.

Wish the weather would have been more favorable, but had fun all in all 8 fish in the boat.


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