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I sold my Humminbird 383C, and offered to install it on the person’s kayak that I sold it to. He took me up on the offer, and brought the kayak over yesterday. Rigging kayaks is something I really enjoy. I have a lot of confidence, and take pride in my work.

I used a Mad Frog Liberator Mini, Yak Attack  Mighty Mount, (2) power plugs, 12V 7Ah SLA battery, 450mA battery charger, 3 Amp fuse, fuse holder, RAM pivoting/swiveling fish finder holder, and RAM bases. Most of the products that I used come from Hook1

Geoff brought the kayak over yesterday, and I asked him how he would like everything mounted then I just jumped in and offered my suggestions, and he seemed to be ok with them. Last night Sarah and I had plans, so after work today I started on it. The process took longer than expected due to tools being spread out, and the design of the Mojo being a little different than usual, but all in all I think it turned out pretty good, and functional. So here is the finished product. The transducer is completely removable with the use of the Mighty Mount.

This will allow Geoff to find underwater structure, and bait fish allowing him to locate game fish or bait easier, and letting him know what is underneath. The fish don’t have a chance.

List of products used from Hook1
Mad Frog Liberator Mini
(2)Power Plug
Yak Attack Mighty Mount
1″ RAM Ball Mount
1″ RAM Base Ball
RAM Swiveling Mount