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Tallon Elite Mount Installation

Posted: May 1, 2012 by Canonman in Uncategorized

Installation for the Tallon Elite Mount is simple and only takes about 15 mins.

When you open your Tallon package, set out all the pieces in a place so you wont lose them. Pull the directions out and read over them a time or two. On the back of the directions there is a template for the three holes you will drill. I took the template and placed a pin hole to mark the center of each hole. Then I laid the template over the desired location of my Tallon Elite Mount. Using a sharpie I marked the center mark of the three holes on the kayak through the pin holes I had just made.

To assure accurate  placement I measured my marks and checked them against the template.

I then took the leap of faith and drilled the 2 inch hole. Then using a 1 inch drill bit I drilled the two smaller holes. These two holes are larger than 1 inch and I had to use sand paper to get them to the exact dimensions.

Once the three holes are drilled simply place the face plate in the holes and from the underside, screw on the Tallon receiver. Once you have the face plate and receiver connected together you can drill your pilot holes for the three screws. Make sure on the top two screws that you drill the pilot hole all the way down in the Tallon receiver to ensure a tight fit. Screw in the three screws and you have completed the Tallon Mount installation.

Mounting my transducer I chose to place it inside the hull so that it wasn’t in the way when switching from rivers to big water.

First step was choosing the right spot. Following the bottom of the hull I place the transducer at the first flat spot from the bow. Once I had the spot chosen I washed and dried the area. Using a fine sand paper I roughed up the area and then followed up with an even finer sand paper. After roughing the area I washed it again with alcohol to rid the area of oils. Using Lexel glue I applied a large amount in the area that I had prepared. Pushing down hard I place the transducer in the glue and then using foam, braced the transducer. The glue needs two to four days to set.

Install your battery and enjoy simple fishing with your Tallon Elite Mount and Lowrance Elite.

KBF “unleashed Epsiode 3 – Urban Bliss

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Fishing on my birthday with Rob. Enjoy fellows! Another video coming this week!

KBF Challenges right around the Corner!

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The 2012 season is underway and the year looks promising!

Be sure to get signed up for the KBF challenges at!!!!

These online CPR tournaments are the real deal, fish your home waters and win big.  The annual BassPass is just $150 dollars getting you into all the monthly challenges!

This 20.75 Smallie won me a brand new Ride 135 in the April Challenge

This 21 inch Smallmouth won Neal a $350 AT Paddle!

Some things to look forward to for KBF Unleashed WebTV series:

Kayak Tournament Fishing – A Day on the River

Ill focus on tactics to help anglers out on tournament day and simulate tournament fishing on the river I won the 2010 Riverbassin Knoxville stop. Focus will be on Riverbassin styler tournaments, KBF challenges, and Kayakwars.

Cobia Road Trip –  Waiting on the Report

The famed Cobia run every year in Destin is one I dream about. After battling a 65lb Cobia two years ago I just can’t wait to hook up again. With gear packed and ready Ill document and weekend getaway to chase these beast.

Already met a new angler this year and tackled Boone. Looking to head out again tomorrow for Smallies.

I bring in some friends from out of state to help catch some summer time stripers!

2012 Trophy Challenge!

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Every year anglers gather their gear in anticipation for the new seasons, fish, and challenges. This year I have dropped the challenge of tournaments and competition against other anglers to compete against myself. I am challenging myself to catch as many species and trophy fish as possible. Maybe I can break all my personally kayak fishing records…maybe not. The achievement of my goal wont be the grand prize, but rather the adventure and the quest.

KBF unleashed would like to extend the challenge to all our angler friends! If you want to take on this challenge we would be happy to make you a page to track your catches and records! Just email me at with your past records and everytime you break one or catch a new species for the year we will update it for you (also we would love to post your trophy catch pictures on your personal page and maybe our trophy room page).

I sold my Humminbird 383C, and offered to install it on the person’s kayak that I sold it to. He took me up on the offer, and brought the kayak over yesterday. Rigging kayaks is something I really enjoy. I have a lot of confidence, and take pride in my work.

I used a Mad Frog Liberator Mini, Yak Attack  Mighty Mount, (2) power plugs, 12V 7Ah SLA battery, 450mA battery charger, 3 Amp fuse, fuse holder, RAM pivoting/swiveling fish finder holder, and RAM bases. Most of the products that I used come from Hook1

Geoff brought the kayak over yesterday, and I asked him how he would like everything mounted then I just jumped in and offered my suggestions, and he seemed to be ok with them. Last night Sarah and I had plans, so after work today I started on it. The process took longer than expected due to tools being spread out, and the design of the Mojo being a little different than usual, but all in all I think it turned out pretty good, and functional. So here is the finished product. The transducer is completely removable with the use of the Mighty Mount.

This will allow Geoff to find underwater structure, and bait fish allowing him to locate game fish or bait easier, and letting him know what is underneath. The fish don’t have a chance.

List of products used from Hook1
Mad Frog Liberator Mini
(2)Power Plug
Yak Attack Mighty Mount
1″ RAM Ball Mount
1″ RAM Base Ball
RAM Swiveling Mount

Be On the Look Out This Spring!

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Everyone be on the look out this spring for a whole set of videos about some amazingly cool parts of Guntersville Lake in Alabama.

Be sure to watch in 1080p!


Finally its here! Episode one of KBF unleashed! Follow along as we chase mid summer hybrids on deep drop offs on Boone Lake!