Kayak Fishing Slam

Kayak Fishing Slam

First Annual Kayak Fishing Slam
Guntersville Lake, Alabama
September 23-24, 2011
Host Location: Val-Monte Resort 7001 Val Monte Dr Guntersville, AL 35976
Entry Fee— $60 plus $5 for big fish pot.
… Food will be provided
Money from event will be donated to Guntersville State Park to help in recovery after the April 27th Storms.

Payouts: *Subject to Change. Prizes may be added, but none will be taken away.

1st— Jackson Kayak Coosa Elite ($999)
2nd— Onyx Outdoor Gear: Automatic/ Manual Inflatable Life Jacket and a Waterproof Fishing Jacket. ($300)
3rd— Onyx Outdoor Gear: Manual Inflatable Life Jacket ($120)
4th —Vicious Fishing Hat, T-shirt, and two (2) 660 Yard Spools of Vicious Fishing Line.
5th— Vicious Fishing Hat, T-shirt, and two (2) 660 Yard Spools of Vicious Fishing Line.

Women: Highest Scoring Woman will receive:
Onyx Outdoor Gear: Pro Caster Vest. A Fishing Life Jacket.

Big Fish Pot:
$5 entry fee. Big Fish Pot pays 80% of the pot to participants with big fish.

Participants may arrive at any time. All pre-fishing is allowed.

Friday September 23, 2011:
4:00pm to 5:00Pm: I will arrive around 4:00 Pm to 5:00 Pm after dismissal of school.
6:00Pm: All participants must be at the meeting area by 6:00Pm for a Rules Meeting, to pay entry fees, and to sign release forms. Also to pick up identifiers and measuring boards. Release forms are for all media captured during the weekend and state that I am in no way responsible for any loss or injury.
8:00Pm: Final questions; hints and tips from me and other locals.

Saturday September 24, 2011:
4:00am to 7:00am: If you missed the meeting on Friday or plan on arriving late you can meet me Saturday morning to pick up the items and pay entry fee before you head to the lake.
5:00Am: Tournament Begins. You may drive to desired location, within the boundaries and begin fishing.
5:01Am-2:59Pm: Does not matter to you guys, you will be fishing. But I am not sure what will be going on.
3:00Pm: I will begin taking early arrivals memory cards and processing photos.
5:00Pm: All entries must be in by this time. After this time, late penalties will be issued.
5:15Pm: No entries will be accepted after this time.
5:16Pm to 6:30Pm: EAT!!! Do nothing, rest, rejuvenate, test out others boats, share tips and tactics, and just do not discuss your final measurements with other anglers. Please wait until the results show.
6:45Pm (Approximate): Results show begins; receive your prizes, take pictures, and hang out for the night and tell fish stories. Or if you are leaving have a safe trip home.

1.All fish entered must be caught from a kayak or canoe powered only by paddle or foot drive (Like the Hobie). No gas or electric motors are allowed during the tournament at any time. The only exception is for participants 60 years of age and older and participants with physical disabilities, and they are limited to electric motors with less than 50 pounds of thrust.
2.All fish must be caught legally using legal rod a reel and on artificial lures. No live bait may be used during the tournament and anytime. Only fish hooked in the mouth will count.
3.Fish may only be caught on Lake Guntersville, and up any tributaries to the “first shoal.” Boundaries Map:
4. Fish entered may only be caught during the given time period on the given date.
Scoring System:
1.Only black bass species will be scored. The score will be calculated in inches.
2.Photos of fish must be on a certified measuring board. Drew Gregory has donated the River Bassin Trail’s Official Hawg Troughs for scoring fish in this tournmanet. Thanks Drew! The identifier, handed out the night before launch, must be visible in the photo.
3.The fish must be dorsal up and nose to the left in the photo. The measuring device should run from left to right, and the beginning and end of the fish must be visible, and at least 1” after the tail must be visible.
4.There is a ½” penalty for open mouth (only really open, slightly open will be accessed by the judges.)
5.There is a ½” penalty for noticeably curved or pinched tails. No penalty will be given for slight pinch caused by curved measuring boards.
6.Participants may enter a 3 fish “virtual bag,” and scoring will be based on the combined total length of the 3 largest fish


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