Ben Adrien

Johnson City, TN
From an East Tennessee mountain stream for Brook trout to the Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida for Kings, Ben seeks to feed his passion for fishing. He grew up chasing trophy Striped Bass around the southeast alongside his father, Tim Adrien. Attending college and stranded without a boat, Ben looked to the growing sport of kayak fishing. In the fall of 2009 he took up kayak fishing for Smallmouth and Striped Bass while attending East Tennessee State University. Pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in photography, he combined his two interests on the water.

      Ben spent a year fishing competitively in the Georgia Kayak Fishing Trail, River Bassin Trail, and the Kayak Bass Fishing Challenges. Now he is turning his focus to education of kayak fishing. Putting his photography passion to work as he focuses on fishing films both fresh and salt water.

As a member of the Jackson Kayak Ben is furthering passion for art and design with work on the new line of Jackson Kayak fishing boats. Ben also has relationships with Abu GarciaPenn Reels, Lowrance,
Columbia, and Kayak Bass Fishing the ultimate kayak fishing resource!

Recently expanding his horizons, Ben has found himself most comfortable offshore looking for Cobia, King Mackerel, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, and other offshore fish. Traveling to new destinations in search of different challenges is the drive behind his fishing passion. However a top water Smallmouth bite and trophy Striped Bass sleigh ride will always keep Ben close to home.

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