August 18-23rd – Pompano Beach, Fort Pierce, and Miami

Offshore fishing was completely dead. Miami boasted a few peacock bass, but was farely slow, fort pierce showed a few trout, one school of snook, and a few flounder. Offshore was rough conditions 2-4 foot swells with a south current. Miami and Fort Pierce were miserably hot!

July 11th – Somewhere in TN

Chased Musky for the first time ever went 0-1 on bites missed a mid 40 inch Musky…. Ill be replaying that strike in my head over and over for years to come! Ill be back after her!

July 4th – Holston River, TN

Weather: The day started off sunny and hot. Then a few hours into the float a short storm rolled through and after the rain it was mostly cloudly.

Lures: We tried a little bit of everything. Caught my first two fish in swift current throwing a Lucky Craft crank bait. Casting it across the current I let the current pull it down stream. I then switched over to a weightless fluke and quickly missed three fish. Daniel tried a jerk bait and a few other things before switching to a zoom paddle tail swimbait baby bass color which turned out to be the lure of the day. He quickly caught a number of small fish. I tried a Lucky Craft Gunfish for awhile in frog color and lost a smallmouth over 20inches.

Location: Fish weren’t holding to any particular location. Lots of fish were caught in swift current and along rock edges. The one big fish came down a grass line. Other fish came in slack water. Fish seem to be out of post spawn pattern and are just moving into the normal areas that support the fish. It wont be long now before the fish start positioning themselves for feeding!

Other notes: The river was on a delay generation. Generating for 2 hours at a time before turning off the generators for an hour. Fish hit best during the rise and fall of generation.

Totals: 10-15 smallmouth mostly under 14 inches. My biggest was 17 inches and Daniels 18 inches. Lost one over 20inches.

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