Hunter King

  Hunter King is a 16 year old sponsored kayak angler for the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team. He is also proudly sponsored by Abu Garcia, SpiderWire, Pure Fishing Inc and Onyx Outdoor Inc. King is also excited to be apart of the newly formed KBF “Unleashed” Team.

 King grew up and still lives in the town of Locust Fork, in Blount County Alabama.

“I still remember my first fish,” says King,”it was a five pound catfish caught in an old farm pond. I still remember it laying on the tailgate of my daddy’s truck. It was talking to me, or at least thats what dad told me. I was only four years old then.”

Hunter then spent the next years learning more and more about fishing his local rivers. His favorite place to go was the Locust Fork of the Warrior River. When King was thirteen he caught a red eye that weighed in at 3lb 3oz, one ounce over the Alabama state record, but he did not know what he held in his hands until he got home and received a positive ID on the red eye. It has since been King’s dream to break a state or world record from his kayak, and “I am extremly confident that I will make it happen on some species of fish,” says King.

In it, on it, or beside it. I will break a record from my kayak

In the past three years he has expanded his kayak fishing career from fresh water rivers to large lakes, like Lake Guntersville (Hunter’s home water), and from large lakes to to the salty coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. He has also expanded his list of target species from large mouth and spots to all black bass, white bass, and many salt water species. But his favorite in the salt are Kings, Cobia, and Red snapper. King has yet to catch some of his dream fish which include Bill Fish, Mahi Mahi,  and The Tuna Family from his kayak. Hunter says.

“In the next few years I plan to take many off shore adventures in search of my dream fish. College will get in the way a little bit, but when I graduate my degree will help me achieve my goal as a kayak angler.”

Hunter Plans to attend Auburn University in Auburn Alabama. There he plans to major in Fisheries and Fisheries Management. He just simply wishes to fish the rest of his life, and a degree in fisheries management will always keep him close to his passion and let his job and passion coincide.

  1. Hunter, we are so proud of you and hope you will always be successful. Trust in God always.
    Love, Mom and Dad

    • Janet King says:

      We are proud of you, Hunter. You’ve set a goal, now you just have to strive to reach it. We have faith in your ability to be whatever you want to be. Grab that kayak and hit the water. Enjoy every adventure. May God bless and keep you safe on your travels. Gran and Papaw

  2. Luci says:

    Congratulations Hunter!!! Hope all your dreams come true.
    Best wishes
    Miss Luci

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