RiverCrawler’s Gear Reviews!

Welcome to RiverCrawler’s Gear Reviews. Here I am going to be reviewing any new products that I purchased. I am one of those gear junkies that will tell you how it is and not sugar coat the results. If it is a good product I will let you know, but if it is crap you will hear it like it is. I also am rough on equipment, not on purpose but what I purchase just gets used to the fullest of it abilities. A rod and reel in my hands for 3 months it like one in yours for a year. This is mainly because I use them more than most. I also limit my numbers of equipment so that there is never any down time for any one piece.

The purpose of this page is not to worship or bash any product or any company. But it is to give you honest results on the pros and cons of a product. If you want to know about a product that I have failed to review, or you feel I gave a product an unfair review please let me know and I will re-review it, or find the product you are requesting and get back to you in a week or two.

If you manufacture a product that involves fishing, kayaking, camping, or the outdoors and you want it reviewed. Please consider donating a few of these items to me and the others and we will make sure you receive honest feedback to you privately, and an honest public review. Also, if you are developing anything that involves the list above, feel free to contact me I will see if I or we are interested in assisting in the development on the product.

Thanks to all for reading Gear Junkie Gear Reviews by RiverCrawler!

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