Gerber Aluminum Presto 3.0.

Gerber has always made good products. In fact, I honestly do not know of one that I have ever had that has malfunctioned or not put up to the abuse I throw at it. This particular knife has a three inch blade, fine tip and serrated butt. It is equipped with the Gerber FAST open and close. This is why I like this knife the most. FAST allows you to lock the blade closed, and lock it open, so there is never any fear of it opening in your pocket when you take a hike or unwanted swim. And no fear of it closing on you while doing heavy work.I feel it is a good knife for a kayaker because it will not open or close, and that is my biggest selling point.  The blade is a very durable and has a nice finish. I have had this knife for 2 years and it is still out of the box quality. When in a survival situation this knife and a rock will turn this in to a tree chopping and wood splitting ax. I have done so a few times and only normal scratches are visible on the blade.

Over all I give this knife  4.5 out of 5. The only reason for this is because if you do not clean it properly after each trip the open and closing slide/button begins to jam. So if you care for the knife it will take care of you!

Check it out below.

Gerber Gear

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