Gerber Gator Machete Jr.

This piece of gear comes in at just over twenty dollars. Which is a really good price for an all around camping Axe/saw. This easily fits in any kayak, or pack. If you are going on a camping trip, or just feel like clearing some rapids on your local flow this is the tool for the job. I pack mine with me on camping trips because it is just a mean blade. It will saw down small  trees for fire wood, and then split then for kindling. If you need to clear a spot for brush it will get the job done really quick. It will take the abuse of rocks and sand when clearing your area. But it wont take that abuse for to long, if you repeatedly abuse the blade against rocks it will eventually dent and chip. Once this happens the blade is in risk of cracking so you should retire the tool. But if you use the tool correctly and avoid rocks and hidden fence post you will not have any problem with this device.

This tool receives a 5/5. For putting up with long term use and being a solid comfortable and trustworthy blade.

Check it out below!

Gerber Gear

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