Gear Review


Alembic F1-XCrown Macro Tech 2402 Review
I just picked these up today, so a review will come when I’ve had a chance to try them in a band setting

Nordstrand and Epifani Review

My Main gigging rig up until today (6/29/11) was a Nordstrand VJ5 through an Epifani PS600 head and Epifani PS210 cab.

I must say my Nordy has become a permanent member of the stable. This bass is really above and beyond! Carey Nordstrand puts the finest details into his basses, and backs them with terrific customer service!
The specs

Nordstrand Modern Jazz 5 SN38
Alder Body/Maple Neck/Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.
Peal Blocks & Binding
Olymic White (Especially as it ages has a nice vintage look)
Nordstrand Fat Stack Pickups
Audere JZ3 pre amp
Tort Pickguard.

The fat stacks have a coil tap to go from series to single coil allowing both a modern sound aswell as a more traditional jazz bass sound. The Audere is a versitle pre amp, however Cary has since started making his own Pre’s So  I will be switching to a Nordstrand 2 band soon.
The sounds of this bass is unreal! Its been my go to instrument for the last 10 months and has not dissapointed.

Next on the block are the Epifani PS600 and the Epifani PS210.
This setup sounds fantastic! The Performance series heads and cabs compliment each other very well! I’ve been able to get the dark tones I love with very little tweaking. These cabs can not only nail the dark tones, but bright modern slap tones and everything in in between. Growl, bite, articulation, even full range, and handles the Low B with ease! I have nothing but highest praises for this cab/amp combo! 
However, I can’t say the same for the members of the Epifani crew.  Epifani Customer Service is so bad that I will not be dealing with them in the future.
That said, I’ve never had an issue from my cab, just the PS600. I’d say the cabs are a safe bet, but if your gigging and your head gos down don’t expect to get it back from epifani for at least 6 months. For this reason I’ve switched amp companies.

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