Give Aways

Just recently I gave away two guide trips for trophy striped bass on

Congrats to Hokiefisherman and Babster who won those two trips!

Tyler “Hokiefisherman” cashes in big time with his guide trip he won on!

On July 17th Tyler and I set out in quest of monster striped bass. Though the true trophy striped bass didn’t show up, Tyler was in for something of equal greatness.

We got off to a slow start with only one bite between daylight and 9:30am. We trolled through a rumored hot spot without any sign of fish. So picking up and moving up stream towards colder water we tried again. A week ago we are them located in a deep hole near the river. As we deployed lines Tyler quickly learned how fast stripers can strike. Before he even got both lines out the left rod was doubled over. As fast as striper showed up he disappeared. Though disappointment set it, it provided with a piece to the puzzle.

We continued to troll the area with nothing more than a few nervous baits. As the sun began to rise we worked our way back down stream hitting ever possible spot. With time running out I resorted to a spot that had produced earlier this summer and in the past when the bite was slow. Before we even get to the exact location the outside line doubles over and Tyler is off the races. It was like hand to hand combat as the fish resorted to diving down under the boat rather than making a long run. Finally Tyler brought the fish to the surface ….

just in time to see his other line get jerked under. An odd strike that just didn’t seem right. Tyler set the hooked and the fish retaliated by leap from the water. We both instantly knew this was a special bonus! I struggled to gain control of the striper as Tyler battled what appeared to be a large bass. After a few moments we confirmed it was indeed a large bass. What we didn’t realize was how large! Even after pictures we didn’t realize the true size of this Tennessee lunker. Quickly throwing the fish down on a board Tyler said ah he is 22 inches or so. I reached over and snapped a picture of the fish on the board which later revealed the true size! The fish is atleast 23 inches long and 8lbs making it the biggest Laremouth I have personally seen in the Volunteer state. Congrats Tyler on a citation laremouth!

With little bit of time left before having to get off the water we set baits one last time. The day wasn’t over just yet as Tyler had one more fish to battle. As his planar board dives under water he set the hook perfectly and the sleigh ride is on. Dragging him towards the middle of the lake I can tell this fish a little better. Granted not the twenty to thirty pound fish we were after, but a respectable personal best striped bass at sixteen pounds!


Trip two with Babster.

Babsters first Hyrid and a nice one at that!

Babster cashed in on his trip, but sadly we ran into mud water and had to resort to plan B. We dropped down out of the river and looked to the lake for some hybrid bass action. Bruce was one fun guy to fish with and we had a great time. He got his first hybrid and experience the fight of a 7lb hybrid for himself. He also had a nice smallmouth as a bonus.

Babster battles a Smallmouth!

Babster finishes the day in style.

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